About Us

DAILY KISN is a manufacturer and distributor based in Yangjiang, China. We offer a variety of kitchen products including cooking tongs, grilling tongs, silicone tongs, mini tongs, silicone kitchen utensils, and more accessories for cooking and grilling.

Our business has been growing for more than 10 years. In 2018, we started selling on amazon.com and have become one of the best-selling brands in the categories of cooking tongs and barbecue tongs.

By offering top-quality products with the best value for money, we have satisfied more than tens of thousands of customers and achieved great ratings for our products.

While developing our own brand, we are also supplying products to other brands and companies, helping them achieve their business success.

On this website, you will find products of our own brand (DAILY KISN) and products we supplied for other brand owners.

If you intend to make a purchase, you will be directed to amazon.com.

If you'd like to send an inquiry, you may contact us via the contact form on our wholesale page: click here.

We never try to compete by lowering our standards or qualities. It's our goal to deliver the best product value to our customers, which in return sustains our development.

We are on a non-stop pace in creating new kitchen products and will continue to satisfy our customers from all over the world!


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