DAILY KISN Tongs - 19.5" Long Grill Tongs with Wood Handle

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I worked in several restaurants, and I often worked the grill. When I grill at home, I want nice long tools, and for tongs, I do not like the heavy, square, boxy heads, because they often grip poorly or tear food when you grip hard enough to pick something up. I prefer tongs with a curved head, because they are less likely to damage food. Tongs that fit the bill can be a little hard to find, so I was happy with these. They are well made and look like they will hold up well.

Megan McCarthy

I purchased these tongs for my Blackstone as they were extra long and make seasoning the grill easier. They also help with cooking so oil doesn’t hit your hands! No issue with rust after putting in the dishwasher.

Ethan Turner

Easily kept my hands from getting scorched flipping steaks on my Weber grill. The lock works well and they are strong for being so light. Would recommend

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